Thursday, March 8, 2012

embrace the camera: sweetp's daddy date

I'm sure you're concerned by now.

ha ha.

But, please, don't be.

All is well. Better than it has been in a while.

The Lord is working in me to enjoy these earthly blessings rightly.


moving on...

SweetP had her Daddy Date last week. She's 11 now.


And we're learning how to parent in this new stage. Hopefully, anyway.

It's different. But, it's good. (I think).

Each of the children goes out with Sam for a special night (or weekend) once a year. That doesn't mean they don't spend alone time with him more than that, but these Daddy Dates are guaranteed. And we try to make them special. SweetP and Sam went out to eat and then to a philharmonic performance. Dressed up and out late. Fun.

So, we get a shot or two each time they leave. They'll at least have these pictures with Sam, even if I don't get on the ball enough to get more everyday life shots with him in them. I want to get on that, though! Maybe I should make it a goal for my next ETC (?).

And, of course, I have my standard iPhone shots with me and the babe.

I didn't pose this. It happened exactly as pictured. I tried to wear my hair down... for about 5 minutes. Case closed.

And, you know I just had to get our new little guy in there!

My sister's new baby :) LOVE!

I met him just one week ago today :) And accidentally took that hospital visitor's badge home. Woops!

And already crashed his house once for a tornado warning.

My dear sister. So patient with me and all the CRAZY I bring her way.

Happy Embracing, everybody!

Now, we're totally unplugging for the rest of the day! No TV, no computers, no iPhone beyond necessary calls, no Instagram. Nada. Peace out!


Deb said...

Your older daughter is very sweet. Peace out to you too!

Jessa said...

That is a whole lotta sweet. So sweet.

~Jess said...

What precious pictures!

nanato6 said...

Love the pics. Especially the one with you girls with your babies. Good grief Heather looks like she's a kid again. That is a compliment. love and kisses, mom