Thursday, March 22, 2012

House Tour 2012: The Entryway

Good morning! I'm squeezing this in before noon... I hope. So, technically it's still morning. And maybe some of you aren't Eastern Standard Time. So it's even morningier where you are!

I kind of need to hurry this post along. I have a quick Fire Safety video in for Dude and Punkin (Ohio requires Fire Safety in the curriculum). SweetP and Shug are wrapping up their Government assignment on their own. Baby is still napping. I have a leeeetle bit of time.

So, the entryway! Hardly anything is different from previous posts. It looks pretty much the same as it has for the last two years.

We painted those doors black a couple of years ago. I have to say, I don't like the black here. It makes the entryway too dark and draws attention to less-than-stellar doors. Why didn't I realize that would be the case before I painted them? Someday, it's all going back to white - "White Dove" like the walls. That way the doors can blend into the wall and the whole area will be lighter.

The doors need repainted, anyway. Nothing stays new forever!

I was testing an idea when I painted this trim and closet door. I thought I'd just see how it looked, live with for a bit, and then change it if I didn't like it. Well, I suppose it's fine, but it's not the direction we ultimately chose for the trim and doors. And I obviously didn't get around to "just changing it back". TV shows and blogs tend to say repainting things is easy. I'm learning I have to be realistic about my time. It is not easy for me to repaint things when I still have so much that is getting painted for the first time. I want to repaint these doors, but I'm annoyed at myself. It feels like I'm wasting time.

Those wires are where the doorbell goes. It's been like that for forever. The doorbell cover that had been on it had a fabric panel that reeked of smoke. We took it off... planning to replace it quickly. But, we couldn't find a cover we liked. So, we planned on making one. Like I said, that was a while ago :)

I still like the black on the pantry door. Kind of funny that the pantry door is one of the first things you see when coming into the house. The black makes it interesting.

And just left of the pantry...

Then 90 degress to the left...

These are the steps down to the family room. We replaced the family room carpet nearly three years ago, now. We purposely chose to not carpet the stairs then, because we planned on painting them. I knew we wouldn't get to it right away. It's getting to be about time, though!

Incidentally, that blue tape? That's holding some wood on the top of the step to keep it from breaking off and impaling some child's foot. Safety first!

I almost put that bin away. But, it's been there for months. Waiting for a home. Those are all preschool/kindergarten homeschooling things. I'd like to put a shelf in the kitchen for them. I kept thinking we'd do it soon (theme?). Looks like I need to figure something out for in the meantime.

Oh, wait! There IS something different. This needs to be documented!

See that patch of drywall compound on the wall? Poor Sam. He got a little over-zealous on some demolition on the other side of that wall last summer. Put a big hole through it!

This is tidy. Really. It's usually a big pile of shoes.

That's it! I'm really hoping to get pictures of the family room this afternoon and post them this evening. It's a little bit of a stretch, but tonight is my Mama Night, so it's doable. Check back!

Have an awesome day!

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