Friday, March 23, 2012

House Tour 2012: SpareOom, Laundry Room, and Half Bath

Are you sick and tired of seeing my HOUSE, yet? Well, this post wraps it all up. These are the last rooms! Woo hoo! We did it.

SpareOom is the last main living space I have to share in the tour of our progress so far. It will be a main living space one day, anyway. Right now it's kind of a wreck. I gave a very detailed tour of this room this past winter... here, so I'm not going to basically redo that post. But, I will show you what's different since then.

Eventually, this room is going to be our school/craft/game room. And I knew I wanted it to be fun and ultra kid-friendly. I had in my head a photo of a kitchen in Berlin that I just could not shake. (I recently found the entire apartment online here - so excited about that!). There was something about that kitchen that gave the feeling I want this room to have when it's finished. Chalkboard walls are nothing new. They're pretty ubiquitous these days, really. But I particularly liked that the Berlin kitchen had a green wall. A green wall with colored chalk. So, that's where this idea sprang from. Edited to add: The wall looks green in only a few pictures... black in others. I don't think there are two walls. Maybe? Or maybe it's a super dark forest green? Whatever - I like the photos where it looks green! :)

We only finished it last week. I still need to rub chalk on the upper most part of the wall to "cure" the surface for drawing. It's been great so far, though! The children love it, of course. And it's been very handy for impromptu grammar review.

The rest of the room is Project Central. It's nuts right now. Makes me a little crazy if I let it.

Through this door we have the laundry room.

I did not get around to cleaning it before these photos. I think it has the makings of a great little room someday.

I hope I get to do some of the things I have in my mind's eye for this space.

Funny story. See that missing piece of trim up there at the top of the door? Well, Sam was trying to fit a chin-up bar in this door frame. I knew he was down there working on it, but I was upstairs with the children at the time. After a few minutes, I heard this crazy loud crash. He came upstairs a few minutes later, rubbing his knees. Apparently, he had gotten two or three chin-ups in before the trim gave way and his knees smacked the ground. It's not funny, except that it is. I just keep picturing the fall, and it cracks me up. I feel like I can laugh because he's totally fine. But, my door is decidedly not.

And the half bath is down here.

It's pretty much completely the same as the last time I shared it, too. Except for the gaping hole in the ceiling. That hole accesses the drain for the children's bathtub and it was cut to install the plumbing for that remodel. We need to make a removeable door thingy that can easily be slid out when we need to get to the plumbing.

And, we're painting it. Just two walls. I found a quart of Benjamin Moore's "Fieldstone" in satin finish... completely unopened. I cannot for the life of me remember why I would've purchased this paint. According to the label, I bought it in November of 2011. I was already thinking of painting this room gray... so, I decided to use the paint before it got too old. The wall behind the toilet and sink will be tiled white when we redo this bathroom.

I actually like the gray with the color of the door. The previous owners had installed some replacement trim in a few rooms. This baseboard is newer, for instance, but they never painted it. It's just primed. I may or may not paint it some Thursday night for a Mama Night project. It would be quick.

So, that's it! I'm hoping to post a sort of round-up post this weekend, bringing all of the House Tour 2012 posts to one page. That way I can easily link to all these rooms in the sidebar. It will be more of a housekeeping post than anything else.

Thanks so much for reading this week, guys! It's been fun!


Deb said...

You have a big house! The chalkboard wall is amazing, seriously.

Rebecca said...

i love your chalkboard wall!! I prefer the green also. Reminds me of the old school I went to as a kid. :)